What are "Executive Function Skills?"

Executive Function Skills (EFS) integrate and govern our knowledge, talents and efforts. They "bring form to time" and allow us to "harness our will." These skills allow us to bring coherence and focus to our varied ideas and inspirations, allowing us to achieve and reach our goals. Without well-developed  EFS we struggle to find and apply the resources we need, plan and manage our actions over time, stay focused, and learn how to best use our talents. These are true “life skills” that everyone needs and anyone can learn – at any age.

  • Organization: Everything has a place and everything is in it's place

  • Planning & Goal Setting: Determining what needs to be accomplished, and by when

  • Time Management: Scheduling when to do what needs to be done

  • Self-Regulation: Keeping on track and adapting to reach defined goals

  • Accountability: Owning the results and learning from experiences to improve