Suzanne Z. Lynn

Suzanne Z. Lynn

I have been a Waldorf school parent since 1999 and an educator for 12 years prior to having children.  For the last several years I have been teaching 3rd and 4th grade reading classes and coordinating the early grades reading curriculum at my daughters' school.  In 2015 I completed the three-year Association for Healing Education (AHE) teacher training certificate in Extra Lesson.  I tutor and coach Waldorf students in reading, handwriting, executive function skills, and provide remedial support, using a varied, multi-sensory approach.  In the course of this work, I found that there were no executive function tools that met the needs of Waldorf students.  I created student agendas and coordinated binder systems to support the development of executive functioning skills and time management in harmony with this unique and rich curriculum.

What makes these agendas different from all others out there?

They are specifically designed to reflect the students’ journey through the Waldorf curriculum: age-appropriate subject headings such as main lesson, multiple foreign languages, beautiful student art work, inspiring quotes and clear, colorful spaces to record and track homework assignments and extracurricular activities.  The colorful spaces also provide optimal organizational capability.  The color-coding matches commercially available subject dividers, individual folders, and subject notebooks.

Green Meadow Waldorf School saw these Student Agenda/Binder Systems in use in 2008-2009 with my private tutoring clients and recognized that they addressed a challenge the school had faced for many years.  GMWS began using them in 2009-2010 in grades 4 through 10, with positive feedback from students, teachers and parents, and has continued using ever since, expanding to include all students in grades 4 through 12.  Several other Waldorf schools and individual students across the country began using the agendas in 2010-2011.

I offer these Z-Path Student Agendas to Waldorf schools throughout North America for use with whole classes, and to individual parents and students, to support the natural development of executive function skills (organization, planning & goal setting, time management, self-regulation, and accountability).  These lifetime skills will help students in school and beyond.

In 2011-2012, Z-Path expanded the product line to better meet the needs of Waldorf school teachers by offering Waldorf Teacher Agenda, Planner, and Record books.  Our books keep teachers organized and are infused with beauty, quotes, and flexible ways to capture information.  Z-Path also introduced dry erase whiteboards for classroom use, coordinated with Lower School, Middle School, and High School agenda designs.

in 2015-2016 Z-Path began designing collegiate student agendas for Waldorf School alumnae.

Browse this website for more information or contact me to gain a deeper understanding of executive function skills in the Waldorf School setting, how these Z-Path tools support executive function skills, and how they could work as part of your school’s curriculum.  You will see why I am excited to share them with you and your students.

- Suzanne Lynn